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[text]A wedding or a yoga retreat. A baby shower or a business event.

If you want authentic and pure photos of any of your personal or professional gatherings please feel free to contact me for a personalised enquiry. Making myself invisible I capture every detail of your ceremonies and events with great integrity. While I photograph those real moments for you all you have to do is enjoy your guests or give the best of yourself to your event participants. I will leave you with a set of stunning authentic photographs, as a personal memory to cherish forever or for use on your social media or business website.[/text]

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I am happy to share some lovely and authentic feed-back I have received from my dearest clients after I delivered their photographs to them. Thank you for trusting me and inviting me into some of the most intimate moments of your lives.

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Zoveel emoties in de foto’s … wauw… beste herinnering!

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“My husband is in awe with your pictures. Me too. You capture people’s essence! They are SO energetically powerful. Thank you so much.”

[/testimonial][/owl_slide][owl_slide][testimonial float=”bottom-center” image_circle=”true” border=”1″ icon=”false” author=”Gwenn” job=”Mothers.Bodies.Stories project” image=”6670″ url=”#” id=”” class=”” style=””]

Ik heb de foto’s goed ontvangen en ben er erg van ontroerd. Ik heb mezelf nooit of zelden mooi gevonden op foto’s .. tot nu! Dank u!

[/testimonial][/owl_slide][owl_slide][testimonial float=”bottom-center” image_circle=”true” border=”1″ icon=”false” target=”blank” author=”Sophie Bashford” job=”Retreat Creator” image=”7477″ url=”http://www.sophiebashford.com” id=”” class=”” style=””]

I’m thrilled every day with your photos. They just shine out on my new site.

[/testimonial][/owl_slide][owl_slide][testimonial float=”bottom-center” image_circle=”true” border=”1″ icon=”false” author=”Linde Ergo” job=”Sculptress” image=”7752″ url=”#https://artcenterhorus.com/kunstenaars/linde-ergo/” id=”” class=”” style=””]

“The perfect time is always now! Daar kozen we voor, het boek is PRACHTIG! Dikke merci voor alles! je weet wel wat je voor me betekend hebt..”

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“Dank je wel voor de prachtige beelden! Ze zijn zo intens waardoor we de emoties van het moment opnieuw beleven in z’n puurste vorm. We zijn zó blij dat je erbij was!”

[/testimonial][/owl_slide][owl_slide][testimonial float=”bottom-center” image_circle=”true” border=”1″ icon=”false” author=”Karen Godfrey” job=”Website Portraits” image=”7470″ url=”#” id=”” class=”” style=””]

“Marijke, I can’t thank you enough.. I’m so blessed. What an incredible job you’ve done.. you are amazing.. Thank you so, so much!”